A business creating waves in the automobile industry is called Rivian

. The R1S electric SUV and the R1T electric pickup truck are products of their creations

Rivian, a considerably smaller firm than competitors like Ford, Chevrolet,

Tesla, is demonstrating the potential of everyday electric automobiles. After little over a year of ownership

YouTuber JerryRigEverything has accrued 10,000 miles on his R1T. 

Even yet, there are still some aspects of the vehicle that he finds objectionable.

This is in spite of the fact that over that year, you really put the vehicle through

 its paces by using and abusing it. After giving his vehicle 10,000 miles and pushing it

to its limits, Jerry enumerates the three things he detests about it in his truck-related video.

There have been a couple of minor niggles over the course of the year, 

 but they were peanuts compared to what Jerry wants to talk about

The first thing that Jerry says he hates is how rain or snow gets inside his drives side