Oh dear, it seems like you may need to visit the shop because of a battery issue

with your Ford F-150 Lightning. It's possible that certain electrified F-150 vehicles

Check whether the model of Ford F-150 Lightning you own is vulnerable. 

Recent sales of the Ford F-150 Lightning were halted by an undisclosed battery issue.

After passing through the manufacturing line, a number of the models were igniting. 

Ford did, however, reassure consumers that the problem only affected unsealed cars. 

Given that there is now a Ford F-150 Lightning recall owing to a battery issue,

 it's possible that this was released a bit too soon. The flames seem to be growing,

even though there are just 18 trucks—that have been delivered to dealers and customers—that are in danger. 

According to CNBC, the vehicles' battery cells were constructed incorrectly. 

 The cells were constructed at a Georgia factory from the SK on supplier over the course of four weeks. 

How many models are being held at the manufacturing facility because of this flaw is unknown.