the Shock and Steel Edition package, the lowered suspension package 

the swayThe next year, the folks at Callaway Cars in Old Lyme

Connecticut, got hold of the new Chevy Camaro, and came up with a range of 

appearance and performance goodies for it. These items differed from the Corvette 

 that had previously been offered, in that owners could pick and choose what they wanted. 

The Camaro Callaway C8 offered big performance for a much lower price than a Callaway 

Corvette for far less money.  Callaway built just eighteen SuperNatural (so named 

because the cars were all naturally aspirated) Camaro C8s from 1994 to 1996, 

thirteen coupes and five convertibles. Engine modifications included an LT1-based 383 cubic

inch stroked Small Block with forged internals, a Callaway intake, Callaway CC3 cam, 

heads with billet roller rockers. Engine performance could be tuned to 425, 435, 450, or 465 

The highest horsepower option was capable of reaching a manufacturer-claimed