The Ford F-150 Lightning is braking aggressively once again, oh no! 

This can cause further delays as Ford scrambles to find a fix for a fresh battery issue. 

Up to that point, Ford F-150 Lightning versions have not been manufactured or shipped. 

Due to a possible battery problem, production and shipping of finished FordF-150 Lightning vehicles 

Is there a sound like the manufacturing lines squeaking when they stop? It's most likely sad. 

A possible battery issue was found during a pre-delivery quality test, and CNBC reports 

 However, Ford spokesperson Emma Bergg omitted specifics about the problem. 

Bergg clarified that the root cause study is being aggressively worked on by the team

By taking the time to address any possible problems before starting up production 

shipping again, Ford is being a good corporate citizen and serving its consumers. 

Early last week saw the start of the production suspension and stop-shipment order.

As of right now, there's no information on when operations will resume. For F-150 Lightning cars