The No. 33 Corvette Racing C8.R, driven by Nicky Catsburg, Nico Varrone

and Ben Keating, seemed to be a clear favorite to win the Six Hours of Fuji on Sunday,

However, a little accident and two penalties ended the team's hopes of winning.

At the time of the crash, which occurred three hours into the race, Keating was operating

No. 33 Corvette Racing vehicle when it made contact with Thomas Flohr's No. 54 Ferrari

 Following the collision, the Corvette team was given a 30-second stop/go penalty

After the mishap, however, Varrone quickly returned the lightning-fast No. 33 Corvette to the lead.

Varrone was given another penalty while in the lead and lost 10 seconds for allegedly 

The three 'Vette drivers subsequently came back to finish in third position

, although it was understandable that they were furious with the penalties given

the team since they felt they had been treated unjustly throughout the race.

We should have won the race, but it's nice to walk away with a podium," Catsburg said.