It seems like Tesla is going all out for the much anticipated Cybertruck delivery event on Thursday. 

The Austin-based manufacturer is apparently building a fairly constant fleet of Cybertrucks 

that may be utilized for test drives following the delivery event, as is generally the case 

these things, after sending several showroom-ready vehicles to retailers around the nation.

The two-dozen-strong fleet was being cleaned and charged when Tesla devotee

and drone operator Jeff Roberts saw it (see the video posted above).

Having said that, based on the clear RC stickers present on a few of the vehicles, 

it seems that the majority of the vehicles shown in the video are release candidate (RC) models

One of the EVs in the group might even be the same one that allegedly traversed the Baja California 

peninsula in Mexico last month as part of a two-vehicle convoy wearing graffiti-like decals 

aftermarket accessories like an LED light bar above the windshield and tire carriers in the bed.

Who knows, maybe Tesla will showcase several trucks that were used during the development phase

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