Although the automobile business is always innovating, many of us enthusiasts occasionally

These are either innovative or just bizarre, and they can involve anything as absurd 

Indeed, YouTuber Rich Rebuilds installed a V8 engine in his Tesla Model S, so we're not the first

In light of this, HotCars artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel has likewise shaped the concept

albeit in this instance, digitally. He added the Dodge Hellcat supercharged Hemi V8 engine

, maybe the most potent muscle powerplant, to the renowned Tesla Model S electric vehicle.

The car that kickstarted the EV revolution has been synonymous with sleek esthetics 

The Dodge Hellcat engine, officially known as the supercharged HEMI V8,

has gained legendary status among automotive enthusiasts. 

Putting these 2 together turns the Tesla into the ultimate drag-racing funny car.

The exterior design of the Tesla Model S is really aerodynamic, and it looks every bit futuristic. 

Timothy had taken this as the basis for this out-of-the-box render.