The R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV are the two vehicles that electric car maker Rivian 

presently makes; they both use the same platform and much of the same parts.

The appeal of universal shared architecture lies in its ability to enable automakers

to seamlessly integrate a new body design with the same engine, resulting in a distinct vehicle.

There is still a market for high-end sedans, but in the US, trucks and SUVs are now the most popular vehicles.

Competitors After all, luxury cars from the Big Three German companies are plenty,

while Tesla and Lucid manufacture electric sedans.

Additionally, Rivian automobiles are priced at the upper end of the market. The R1SE

created by HotCars artist Rostislav Prokop, is an example of a sleek sedan that is built on the same 

The distinctive front end of the Rivian electric vehicle rises over an elongated hood to the raked windshield,

without compromising inside space. As a consequence, there is an abundance of legroom 

A few teaser pictures of the SUV were also made public by the Japanese company.