No, this isn't a Chevy Camaro SS posing as a sleeper. 

Even though it's a render, the real Catfish Camaro—the fourth-generation muscle car—is the model's

 It got the nickname "Catfish Camaro" because of its practically flattened,

sloping front, which gave it the catfish-like appearance. Experts widely agree that the fourth

which was manufactured from 1993 to 2002, was maybe the first contemporary muscle vehicle

and not only because of its appearance. Incorporating contemporary technology into its

Mustang Eater, Chevrolet also removed the sleeker, tougher edges.

With a widebody kit and skirt, this "Catfish" Chevrolet Camaro SS Restomod

render by HotCars' digital artist Rostislav Prokop is forceful but beautiful.

 It also satisfies the description of the original Camaro, which Chevy debuted 

 as a muscular vehicle capable of "eating Mustangs for breakfast."

hen Chevrolet introduced the Camaro to the world, they did so with tall tales of it taking