When 650 horsepower of pure awesomeness is on the menu, 

, the Chevy Camaro ZL1 is the car to drive. This incredible Camaro might be one of the

inal high-powered muscle cars with a V8 engine, making it the Camaro we love and admire. I

 If you attach the 1LE track package to the ZL1 name, you’ve got the 

Camaro that made European automakers leave Nürburgring with shaking heads at the amazing A

We dare you to find any view of this Chevrolet muscle car that doesn’t

show off the pure, unadulterated aggression of the Camaro name. Even if this becomes

, it’s a fitting tribute to what the Camaro name has meant for Chevy over several decades.

The ZL1 1LE adds a track package that delivers more aggression and performance.

This package brings a larger splitter, spoiler, and diffuser adding a more 

menacing appearance to an already sinister muscle car

This package also brings a black hood, a revised front bumper, and visible carbon