Among the most well-known brands in the automobile industry is Aston Martin.

The first fully electric Aston Martin is scheduled for release in 2026, as the British sports car

manufacturer gets ready for an electric automotive future. Aston has said that it has reached

strategic supply arrangement with Lucid Motors in order to be ready for this. 

choosing a modular BEV platform over Mercedes-Benz, a longtime engine partner,

 the hopes that this would ensure Aston's continued existence as a brand.

Aston Martin's ICE partner will still be Mercedes. However, it will be able to catch up in the EV race

thanks to its new agreement with Lucid, which will also let it introduce its own long-range EV

The manufacturers have signed a long-term collaboration agreement with Aston and Lucid.

It states that certain battery and powertrain components must be used by Aston Martin. 

 This is for an upcoming new line of EVs with improved performance. 

Aston promises the family will live as opulently as we would expect from them.