Almost precisely a year after I first recorded a trip with Lucid Air creator Derek Jenkins

 I had the opportunity to take the wheel of the electric vehicle with the greatest range rating

 But first, Ben Collins—more well known to most people as The Stig from the original

Top Gear—and I were asked to do hot laps over the famous slopes of Weathertech

Normally, automakers wouldn't use difficult road circuit laps to demonstrate the performance 

but Lucid Motors firmly believes that electric cars must surpass internal combustion engine (ICE) 

vehicles in order to fulfill the dream of completely changing the automotive industry

Over the course of two enjoyable days in Monterey, however, the major emphasis shifted from

pushing that Air around the track to figuring out if Lucid's build quality 

driving characteristics could match the state-of-the-art in battery and electric motor technology.

Specifically, The Stig took me out on Laguna Seca in a Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance

The opportunity marked only my second time on the 2.238-mile track—only the previous evening,