The next high-end electric vehicle from Lucid Motors is the incredible

 Lucid Air Dream Performance Edition. It has 1,111 horsepower, which is almost the same

Fortunately, Brooks Weisblat of the DragTimes YouTube channel was able to give it a look.

He went to Hennessey Performance to take it for a spin, learn more about all that electric

power, and take a peek at some of its most amazing features.

Weisblat and Sanjay, the owner, go over some of the better aspects of the vehicle. Like many 

 vehicles nowadays, it has cameras on the side, and the cool opening sequence at the front is a lovely 

The front trunk has a lot of capacity, and both the front and rear seats have a ton of legroom

The rear and side sun screens are a great addition and what you would expect from

The 5K front HUD and screen are very clean and uncluttered. Weisblat really examines this

Weisblat thinks it might be able to do a sub-nine second run on the strip.

With the car in full power, sprint launch mode, the car hooks right up and flies off the line