Lucid Motors is developing a brand-new pickup truck in addition to preparing to introduce

Thanks to spy shots of a clay model posted on the Lucid Forum, information about the vehicle

The model provides the first accurate look at what a Lucid pickup truck may look

The forum post claims that Lucid has long-term intentions to create an electric pickup truck, 

and the clay model has recognizable Lucid design elements. This comprises the body's smooth, 

curved contours as well as the light bar that runs across the front. It's hard to miss the enormous

Lucid windshield, and the truck bed seems to be spacious enough for most customers. 

Among the many well-known automakers producing electric pickup trucks is Lucid Motors.

Rivian, Ford, and Chevrolet are the manufacturers of electric pickups. The new Cybertruck

 finally going into production by Tesla, and deliveries should start in 2024. 

With the extraordinary elegance and performance that the Lucid Air and its numerous trim levels provide,

Lucid has already established a solid reputation. This year at the LA Auto Show,