The Joe Rogan Experience podcast presenter Joe Rogan discussed the impending Tesla Cybertruck 

with Tesla CEO Elon Musk on a recent episode that was posted on the PowerfulJRE YouTube channel.

One of their favorite topics of discussion was whether an arrow from a bow could penetrate 

The enthusiastic hunter and archer Rogan expressed doubts that the Cybertruck

could bring down his formidable hunting bow, saying, "I have a 90 lb compound bow that shoots 520-grain 

grain arrows at 300 feet per second with a razor-sharp broadhead." "I bet I can get in there," 

Musk gave Rogan a $1 and appeared sure that the Tesla Cybertruck would stand up.

Musk cited the Tesla Cybertruck's tough metal exterior, saying it could withstand bullets

from a Tommy gun without any penetrations: "emptying an entire magazine of a Tommy Gun.

just going full Al Capone on the side of the car…shotgun, 9mm, .45, and no penetrations."

hen discussing arrow penetration, Musk noted that while a crossbow bolt is very fast at 400-500 

feet per second (fps), "generally crossbow bolts are considerably lighter, they're much smaller..