Jay Leno is a guy who has seen a lot of vintage vehicles go through his showroom

He is difficult to please. Leno is capable of appreciating a nice muscle vehicle, 

While there are many of custom-built muscle cars available, this particular Camaro 

stands out because it is nearly entirely composed of carbon fiber, but that is only one aspect

 its unique design.Here's what Jay Leno thinks of the Finale Speed 'carbon Camaro'

would be the ideal sleeper in his most recent video posted on his YouTube channel.

Finale Speed’s Chris Jacobs is around to provide all the background and information

 on this 1969 Chevy Camaro. It utilizes full carbon fiber construction

32 pieces in total, all based 100% on the original factory ’69 Camaro for a weight saving 

 around 800 lbs over the original car (now 2750 lbs).

That exposed and seamless carbon fiber impresses Leno, although he comments 

that with a light and fast machine like this, you could paint it to create a real sleeper