Despite the recent debut of the Ford F-150 Lightning, it seems that the Blue Oval

working on another electric truck. Since its announcement in April 2022,

additional information regarding this electric vehicle has been available. 

This "Project T3" will be a whole new truck, in contrast to the F-150 Lightning,

giving the impression that it was created with battery power in mind. 

The vehicle, the F-150 Lightning, is a bit of a compromise and may soon be replaced

 Ford CEO Jim Farley has provided further information regarding the specifications of this electric vehicle.

Additionally, he made the same promise that the new pickup will "revolutionize America's truck

Rival brand Ram recently made a similar promise with the Ram 1500 REV, however

appears a little too conventional to completely transform the market. 

Thus, it will be intriguing to see how the Blue Oval proceeds with Project T3's research, 

Project T3 is expected to add more electric vehicles to the brand's inventory and possibly replace