Car events may yield a variety of surprising finds, 

but during the most recent exhibition in Port Richey

, Florida, enthusiasts stumbled across two very uncommon muscle vehicles.

When Sean, the presenter of the Junkyards and Barnfinds with Sean YouTube channel,

went to the event, he quickly discovered immaculate specimens of a Shelby Mustang GT350H

that had been modified by Hertz and a Chevrolet Camaro that had been tuned by Hurst.

Sean said that he had never seen a Hurst Camaro before,

 and both of these models are very hard to locate.Hurst Performance, 

an automobile tuning firm, has customized the Hurst Chevrolet Camaro, 

, which it refers to as the Hurst Heritage RPO Series L78. Over the last 60 years,

Hurst has focused on creating and producing custom wheels, exhaust systems, gearboxes,

Over the years, Hurst has created several modified iterations of well-known muscle vehicles