The trend of the worldwide electric vehicle market has been quickly expanding during the 2010s

Among the first to produce contemporary mass-market electric automobiles were Japanese

Electric vehicles (EVs) like the Nissan Leaf were invented in the 2000s by Japanese firms.

However, given the current status of the EV sector, the competition for worldwide market share of electric 

 Volkswagen, and BYD. Furthermore, other established automakers throughout the globe are also vying

for share of the expanding global EV market. The Tesla Model 2 is rumored to be the company's

 next entry-level electric vehicle. Tesla is continually growing its product lineup

Tesla hopes to put pressure on other EV rivals with the Model 2, providing advanced EVs

Thus, "How much will the Tesla Model 2 cost?" is the next important query.

Customers should anticipate that the incoming Model 2 will alter the present EV environment

 as the Tesla Model 3 pricing has established a new standard for EV affordability.

Japan has long preferred hybrid cars and held back as the world rushed towards EVs.