It would be an understatement to say that the wait for the Tesla Cybertruck is currently lengthy.

There have been many delays in starting production of the adventure truck since

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled it in late 2019, mostly due to shortages of certain parts.

But now, one of Tesla's most anticipated cars to date is actually going into production, 

sales are scheduled to start in late 2023 or early 2024.But is this an instance of too little, 

too late? Not only is Tesla vying for market share in the EV adventure truck area

maker Rivian has also been around for over two years with its R1T truck, and it's doing well.

Furthermore, Rivian has said that when manufacturing rises, it would be making additional

Could the Tesla Cybertruck's prospects be lost before the first one ever leaves the Giga Texas floor, 

The trouble facing Tesla is the fact that there is a precedent to the delays plaguing the Cybertruck.

 The Tesla Roadster is a great example of over-promising and under-delivering.

It was unveiled in 2017 to much fanfare, but it’s in development to this date.