There's no denying that the car industry is steadily moving toward electric drivetrains. 

 In an effort to sell models on a bigger scale, an increasing number of automakers are entering

EVs that customers can connect to and would embrace. The fight against EVs has begun.

However, while the EV battle rages on, automakers are also producing very fast, powerful, 

One such is the Tesla Model S Plaid. The Model S Plaid can outperform many supercars 

quarter-mile races and 0-62 mph speeds thanks to its more power than any standard Hellcat

Many people had anticipated that Lucid Motors' Air Dream Edition would flatten

Model S Plaid in one fell swoop. Regretfully, however, the Air Dream Edition is unable to outpace

the Tesla even with the increased power from its two electric motors.

But Lucid isn't finished yet. It has unveiled the new Lucid Air Sapphire, 

elemental electric sedan with a gemstone suffix. If the automaker's early figures are accurate, 

 this new Lucid EV may put a Tesla Model S to shame.