BMW i7 is one of the latest electric cars to break cover and is an EV for luxury sedan lovers. 

But what 2022 Luxury Car lovers also like is the Lucid Air. So how does the newcomer 

stack up against the popular established one? Get ready as we take a close look at the design

 interior, performance, battery, and of course, the features of the all-electric BMW i7 and Lucid Air.

BMW has taken a diversion from the design language for its recently launched cars.

While it still has the controversially massive front kidney-grille, BMW has almost completely 

 The lights are set up with the LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) placed on top 

and the headlamps placed lower down on the front bumper. T

The i7 differentiates itself from the new 7 Series through a blue accent line at the base of the bumper.

The rear of the car has a blue accent line as well.

Lucid Motors takes a cleaner approach to design. The Air has horizontal design elements t

dominate the design language barring two vertical slats in front that make the car look wide.