Mercedes has been hyping the EQXX concept for a good several months now. 

The automobile was supposed to seem very futuristic and definitely not like any

Mercedes that we have seen before. That was undoubtedly the case. The Vision EQXX concept

 which Mercedes claims is the brand's representation of the peak of automotive economy,

The greatest part is that, in contrast to many concept automobiles, a production model 

Naturally, this car's amazing appearance is the first thing that draws attention to it. 

According to Mercedes, the bodywork is "irresistible" and contributes 

the advancement of the electric revolution. The German manufacturer claims that

the bodywork's amazing drag coefficient of 0.17 enables it to go more than 1,000 kilometers

 This translates to around 10 kWh of energy per 100 kilometers.

 The car's body has an amazing teardrop design that extends from the top to the tail. It is very smooth and elegant. 

Although it doesn't seem all that groundbreaking, the front fascia matches the rest of the vehicle