With more manufacturers than ever providing battery electric and plug-in hybrid cars in their lines, 

, the 2020s seem set to be the decade of the electric vehicle. Furthermore

it seems that the introduction of new models like as the Tesla Cybertruck and Kia EV9 

with state laws that prohibit the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles.

Even though they currently make up a tiny portion of total car sales worldwide, EVs are growing

among buyers. Many are questioning whether the oil business is doomed to die as a result of all

the new electric vehicles (EVs) you're expected to see on the road in the next years.

While it is realistic to believe that switching to electric cars may be dangerous, 

 the oil giants will still be there for a long time despite the fact that new battery-electric vehicles 

EVs' proportion of the market is expanding exponentially. Even though the COVID-19 epidemic 

 2020, electric vehicle sales continued to grow to all-time highs, exceeding all predictions. 

Aston promises the family will live as opulently as we would expect from them.