For five years, the automobile community has been anticipating the release of the Tesla Cybertruck. 

 All of us have seen innumerable glossy pictures, astounding claims, 

which has only increased our appetite for what Tesla claimed to be the next evolution

But as we now know, the Tesla Cybertruck has been a series of perplexing letdowns. 

Cybertruck's tale is one of miscommunication and delays. It's difficult to emphasize 

how horrible the prototype Tesla Cybertruck appears in real life, though,

especially since there have been several sightings of the elusive electric truck in and around California.

Elon Musk has assured consumers that November 30th is the day the Cybertruck will be released

 despite years of conflicting information circulating about the date.

As we get closer to the Cyertruck release date, sightings of the enigmatic 

This past weekend, Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen was spotted driving around Southern 

California in a Cybertruck with a new version of the truck in a matte-black finish.