The more information we have about the Tesla Model 2 (which could possibly be called

the Tesla Model C/Q; the name for the company's future most inexpensive model isn't official),

 the more excitement turns into conjecture. This is the reason you should hold off

Model 2 if, like many others, you are thinking about switching to electric in the near future

 Being the pinnacle of electric vehicles for a considerable amount of time, 

Tesla's track record of quality and innovation portends another outstanding model. 

Given that EVs appear to be getting cheaper over time, the possible financial benefits

Tesla's unquestionable performance history, the Model 2 could be the ideal EV for you.

As we continuously await the Tesla Model 2 (and hopefully we don't have too much longer to wait),

it is paramount to comprehend the importance of what makes this latest electric 

The specifications and features are crucial to understanding why this car is so

The Tesla Model 2, with its long-anticipated and widely speculated pricing, competitive range,