In the EV industry, Lucid Motors has always been the anti-Tesla

 This is hardly shocking, considering that disgruntled former Tesla workers founded Lucid. 

Thus, the Air, their first electric vehicle, is appropriately called "the Tesla S that should

 With the 1,050 horsepower limited-run Air Dream Edition, Lucid almost missed the Model S Plaid 

Once again, Lucid is returning to put Tesla in its place with the amazing new Air Sapphire, 

 It's Lucid's first trimotor Air, and it's flown beyond the stratosphere and beyond the competitors! 

This hooligan's astounding quality is its composure and civility. Anxiety is reduced by the Air

Sapphire's balanced driving characteristics, which are the result of Lucid's extensive time and effort.

The aerodynamic work and mechanical components used here mean serious business.

The interior is similar to that found in all other Lucid Air models but gets a unique "blue" touch.

Visually, things are very sober, except for the subtle aero-grade bits sprinkles across

The Stealth Look, which will be available as an option on the Air Grand Touring Performance