The quality of the Rivian R1T pickup truck is undeniable. 

The R1T is a powerful electric pickup truck that can provide up to 835 horsepower,

 giving it an ample amount of range. Not only did it outperform several of its primary competitors,

but it's also among the world's safest pickup trucks

It has received some of the best ratings for a contemporary car in many of its safety tests.

When you consider the appearance, functionality, and performance together

 it's obvious that Rivian has produced a true winner. It seems that Rivian has also

mastered the issue of safety, which is crucial to any vehicle's success. 

anything about which customers will be pleased.

Checking out the IIHS website for the Rivian R1T reveals plenty of positives for the automotive 

 For all the sections under crash worthiness, the R1T has scored a G for good

That is the highest rank possible for any vehicle on the IIHS.