You have definitely experienced the agony of terminating a service subscription

east once in your life if you reside in the United States. Some internet service providers 

things so hard that you almost feel like you have to utilize their services in order to avoid 

Since the issue is so well-known, even Saturday Night Live created a comedy about terminating

Representatives often transfer your request from one department to another, end the call

 again to begin the conversation over. It should go without saying that these actions are

But it seems that there are other businesses than cable providers that also use dubious tactics

According to Inside EVs, Lucid, an electric car company, is contacting customers up to 14 times

 an attempt to persuade them not to cancel their purchase. 

Inside EVs reports that one EV company is putting more pressure on its shop staff to stop cancellations

calling them a failure. The "new protocol" requires store staff to follow a complex 

 process aimed at decreasing customer cancellations of reservations.