The venerable Chevrolet Camaro will come to an end after six generations 

of on-and-off rivalry with the Ford Mustang. Still, even with the insurmountable

 task of out-selling Ford’s pony car, the Bow Tie’s model evolved from a handsome

cruiser in 1967 to a track-day cruise missile at the highest trims like the Chevy Camaro 

how did General Motors’ (GMs’) lovable sports car make its mark on the auto industry? 

Chevrolet designed the Camaro as a direct competitor for Ford’s Mustang

and sales started in 1966 for its first model year, 1967. As a result, the Camaro i

than the comparable Blue Oval pony car, which hit the road as a “1964 ½” model. 

Still, that’s a rapid response for the automotive industry. The first Chevy Camaro

 the 1967 model year, sold for around $2,466 for the base

model with a 230-cubic inch inline six-cylinder engine

At the top of the lineup, a 375-horsepower L78 big-block 396 V8 could scorch the Chevy’s tires.