RacerX has released a new movie on YouTube with two objectives: first, it examines

 the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 to see what makes it so remarkable; second

 it discusses the risks associated with the company's choice to create a challenger to the Tesla Model S.

Even while it appears to have paid off already, there are other factors to take into account

 such as what that indicates about a business willing to go for a target that all of its competitors avoided.

This is a synopsis of RacerX's ideas on the creation and heritage of the world's fastest muscle vehicle.

You read that right – and as RacerX says, beating the Model S Plaid is no mean feat.

Part of the risk involved in benchmarking the Demon 170 on the Plaid and trying 

to beat it was the Plaid’s unbeatable performance and specs.

With 1020 hp, a 0-60 mph time of around 2 seconds and a 9.2-second quarter mile ability, 

 the all-wheel-drive electric car is a formidable beast. RacerX points out that the 

the Plaid is faster than most exotics, so for Dodge to take on the challenge was a big move.