There is no need to introduce the Porsche 911 lineage.

The 911 name has cemented itself as one of the most iconic automobiles in history thanks to its

 elegant shape, the engine that swung over the back end, and its 60-year existence.

It's difficult to choose one Porsche 911 model above the others when one considers the first

which debuted in 1963. There is a 911 for everyone out there, given the wide range of various 

trim levels, interior finishes, and external changes on the approximately 1.2 million vehicles

The 911 hasn't altered all that much in terms of design, but what has kept it alive is its adaptability

capacity to fit into anyone's life, whether it's a 911 T or one of the very fast 911 GT2s.

 It should come as no surprise that the bulk of the top ten Porsches ever produced are 911s.

It is very hard to narrow down this list to only 17 of the best, 

 and leaving out several cult heroes will undoubtedly lead to disagreements

 However, we've made every effort to include the most widely-held favorites.