The world saw the Soviet Union and the United States engage in the space race during the early years 

 This point in history served as the idea for the names of many cars, including the full-sized

 Another reason the Galaxie was significant was that it was Ford's full-sized rival to the Chevrolet Impala.

And even though the huge Ford Galaxie was discontinued in 1974, over its 16-year existence,

an incredible 7.85 million automobiles, leaving a lasting effect on American society

Fortunately, HotCars digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel has brought the long-lost American

classic back to life in a unique render, transforming it into a contemporary galaxy that combines 

See why this render has so much potential by reading on.

At first glance, this new Ford Galaxie is a big step away from the original

However, looking a little closer reveals the original Galaxies’ large coupe format.

There’s not much on the market like this anymore, and it screams personal luxury.

This design brings Ford into the 21st century and is reminiscent of the designs