The company's main model is the 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R. 

It embodies every quality that Ford is renowned for in terms of features, performance, style

 With a starting price of $110,000, the Raptor R is the priciest Ford truck ever

However, the evidence in this Instagram poster is not attractive.

After only one day of ownership in January, he noticed oil leaks. One day.

 This led to a tow being sent to the dealership. The owner has now communicated with twelve other

Raptor R owners who have comparable stories to share. And that was just in 2023. 

Different explanations for the oil leak have been offered by dealers. Owners are being informed 

that there are issues with crank seals, oil pan gaskets, and one with a supercharger.

Apart from the supercharger, these are typical locations where oil leaks dating back to the Model T.

Which begs the question, "If you've been making cars for more than a century,

wouldn't you have These days, figured out how to stop engine oil leaks like, fifty