It's a dangerous venture to turn current vehicles into historical versions of themselves

All of us want new cars' contemporary dependability and comfort combined with the flawless 

classic automobile design. It is a want that almost everyone has. It seldom works, however.

 It is forbidden by something inherent in the natural order of things in our planet

 It works once in a blue moon, but it requires extraordinary talent and judgment to pull it off

Both of those essential components don't seem to be present in this vintage Ford F-150

 It seems more like a contemporary Ford F-150 than a classic one, for some reason. 

It's really difficult to resist the want to create a contemporary vehicle with an antique feel, 

 but initiatives like these show why we should. To be fair, the vehicle isn't particularly awful

 the issue is that it functions nearly perfectly but not quite.

According to The Drive, a new Ford F-150 Lightning's exterior was entirely redecorated at a Wacaunda

The bespoke piece has a two-tone red and white paint job reminiscent of a classic Ford F-150.