The value-priced Ford F-150 Lightning Flash variant is tech-focused.

Ford has unveiled the Flash, which offers a lower price than an XLT model with comparable

An integrated extended-range battery is a key component of the new model.

Let's examine the new, more reasonably priced Ford F-150 Lightning Flash in more detail, 

including its basic features and cost in relation to comparable full-size trucks.

Sales of the Ford F-150 Lightning have been excellent. The electric pickup truck blends contemporary

vintage aesthetics with its sophisticated electric vehicle engine and conventional appearance. 

Customers find that appealing. But as the add-ons and choices mount up, the Lightning

Ford thus looked to customers to figure out how to blend well-liked features with more reasonable prices.

 The new Ford F-150 Lightning Flash ($69,995 MSRP) is the outcome.

In contrast, the price of a Lightning XLT with comparable equipment would be close to $75,000.

To start, the Flash comes with a 320-mile extended-range battery. From there,