Doug DeMuro loves to find all the quirks and features of any automobile

He has a lot to say about electric vehicles; in one of his most recent films, he tests out the new Lucid Air 

DeMuro claims that this electric vehicle can "do it all," and it is immediately apparent that he is quite pleased. 

DeMuro discusses the features, performance, and appearance of this opulent EV.

With a 400 mile EV range, the Sapphire trim is one of the best versions of the Lucid Air,

an end to range anxiety for a lot of users. This is a significant victory for Lucid Motors.

The Sapphire, as DeMuro explains, is the high-performance variant of the Lucid Air,

 which is already competitive with Tesla. According to DeMuro, this is the ultimate luxury vehicle

the figures are astounding. In its highest driving mode, the Sapphire produces 1,234 horsepower

These are astounding figures, outperforming several contemporary supercars.

Just as insane are the peak speed of 205 mph and the 0-60 mph time of less than two seconds. 

A few teaser pictures of the SUV were also made public by the Japanese company.