We've just entered an alternative dimension where half-ton trucks have more horsepower 

heavy-duty ones thanks to Ram vehicles' impressive selection of gasoline and electric powertrains

 Or Ram is only getting carried away. The thing is that the gasoline-powered 2025 Ram 1500 

will produce 540 horsepower while the 2500 will only manage 370 horsepower (diesel) 

 horsepower (gasoline), even when the torquey electric and hybrid Rams are removed from the equation

setups could even be less capable of towing than the half-ton! The trucks are compared as follows:

The gasoline-powered 2025 Ram 1500s will come in two turbocharged straight-six (I6) settings

521 lb-ft of torque and 540 horsepower will be produced by the high-output I6. 

Yes, it outperforms any normally aspirated Hemi V8 at its max power.

The gasoline-powered 2025 Ram 1500s will offer a V6 and two tunes of a turbocharged 

 The high-output I6 will make 540 horsepower and 521 lb-ft of torque.

That’s right, its peak power blows every naturally aspirated Hemi V8 out of the water.