Lucid Motors is challenging the trend-setter of EVs with its cool Air sedan.

While Tesla has been focusing on downright performance and being "unconventional"

Lucid takes the more conventional route by making a car with an emphasis on engineering, 

And that seems to have paid off quite well. People can connect more with the Lucid Air than 

 Tesla Model S. And the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance also shamed the Tesla Model S

Plaid with more power and more driving range. But sadly, this Plaid-killer was limited,

 not many could get their hands on it. So, to fill up that void, Lucid has introduced a slightly

 less-powerful hooligan with the Air Grand Touring Performance

This 1,050 hp luxury touring sedan is an unlimited ticket to smoking the most powerful Tesla.

Apart from the software tweaks to the powertrain that is shared with the Dream Edition,

there are no major differences here. With insane performance, impressive charging technology,

a luxury-packed interior, this Lucid might end up being the people's favorite in luxury EVs. T