The most outrageous electric vehicle produced by EV manufacturer Lucid 

 the Lucid Air Performance Dream Edition. With 1,111 horsepower, it will be

competitive with the best that competitors like Tesla can offer. How will it do, however

Tesla? Brooks Weisblat of DragTimes on YouTube, an expert in drag racing, brought 

Lucid Air to the Hennessey headquarters to test its capabilities against a Model S Plaid.

Weisblat's buddy Sanjay is the source of the Lucid Air, while John Hennessey personally 

To maintain parity between the two automobiles, they were both almost completely charged.

And now, let's get racing. As said, the Lucid Air features two electric motors producing 1,111

horsepower, and it is obviously all-wheel drive. The Model S Plaid has three electric motors

and all-wheel drive, although it has less power (1,020 hp). In the first of four races, the Model S

Lucid Air in the starting order, and the newer EV is unable to catch up to the Tesla monarch.

The battle between the two continues in race two. This time, unlike in the first run,