If you don't mind that Tesla's CEO often tweets antisemitic things 

 (called "Xs"), you might be able to get a cheap, low-mileage Model 3 or Model X.

 This is a result of investors and owners of Tesla starting to leave the company. 

Searching for "embarrassed to drive a Tesla" on Google yields over 4.5 million results.

Musk keeps proving that he is a true antisemite.

Top Tesla investor Ross Gerber tweeted, "Sadly, this is a win for Rivian.

 Next year, I'll trade in my Tesla Model Y for a Rivian. 

The rest of Los Angeles will, I'm sure. Through his investing company, Gerber Kawasaki Wealth

He says that after Musk tweeted he was in agreement with a post on X espousing

Theory, Gerber says his clients are “pissed off.” “Getting a flood of messages from clients

Tesla and anything to do with Elon Musk,” he says. “Many saying they are selling

What is he doing to the Tesla brand??!!?!?.” Indeed, but we’ve already seen Musk destroy