On September 17, 2023, The Brickyard proved unkind to Corvette Racing;

the conclusion of the day, The Bow Tie team's efforts only yielded a fifth-place finish.

Jordan Taylor moved the No. 3 Corvette Racing C8.R into fourth position during qualifying 

after setting the fifth-fastest time, just before a caution delayed the race.

Then, immediately out of the start, Taylor moved the C8.R up to third position 

 Taylor pulled into the pits after pacing the leaders and switched places with Antonio Garcia

Garcia seized the lead and was unable to stop the traffic behind him from charging.

 With an hour remaining in the race, he eventually brought the racing vehicle back 

He emerged from Pit Road behind a number of strong rivals, including the Mercedes

that would go on to win the race and the Aston Martin that finished in second.

Regretfully, the No. 3 C8.R was unable to keep up with the leaders and eventually lost ground, 

After the race, Garcia said, "A frustrating day." Thanks to Jordan Taylor's ability to save fuel