In 2023, the Toyota RAV4 is actively losing its position as the most well-liked SUV globally

Unexpectedly, an electric SUV that costs thousands more than the RAV4 is outselling it.

Furthermore, the Tesla Model Y tiny electric SUV's reputation may have just been 

 cemented for years to come due to a recent Toyota recall involving a fire danger.

There are several reasons why cars could be recalled. A recall may occasionally be issued for something as basic 

Recalls can occasionally be serious and require prompt resolution.

 Regretfully, the latter is the subject of Toyota's most recent RAV4 compact SUV recall.

Reuters claims that Toyota is recalling 1.85 million RAV4 small SUVs due to a potential fire risk. 

Internal combustion engines aren’t new to fire risks. That said, the fact that an ICE SUV 

such a large recall while the Tesla small SUV is thriving is ironic for one reason.

Aren’t electric vehicles supposed to be the ‘dangerous’ vehicles? EVs are more prone to battery 

 In this face, one of the Model Y’s greatest sales rivals, an internal combustion