A deer jumped over a parked Pontiac Vibe and fell on a Chevy Silverado owned by a New Jersey man last week. 

 The incident was captured on video and resulted in damage to the truck's bed.

A video of the occurrence was uploaded online, capturing the events as they happened

 and dramatically illustrating the distance that deer can jump. 

 The Chevy Silverado suffered damage just before it was scheduled for sale

The event happened on Friday, November 3rd in Mays Landing, New Jersey,

according to the video description. The local time on the video is 5:42 p.m.

As the film opens, we see a driveway and a yard, with the grass close by covered in a layer of leaves. 

The light is becoming dimmer as the sun sets. A cat is scurrying about in the vicinity 

while we see someone bouncing a basketball. A silver Pontiac Vibe and a white Chevy Silverado 

truck are seen in the driveway, with a Honda crossover positioned in between them. 

 A white Chevy Tahoe is seen coming up in the background.