At the 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 10–11, 2023, the No. 33 Corvette Racing C8.R

piloted by Nicky Catsburg, Ben Keating, and Nico Varrone

put out a heroic effort, finishing 26th overall but winning the GTE Am class.

The No. 33 Corvette Racing C8.R's front suspension started acting strangely a few hours in

, which made things intriguing for the Chevrolet team from the start. The No. 33 Corvette

was noticed by Catsburg, who was driving at the time. The team adjusted a shock 

the problem and then sent the racing vehicle back out, finishing last in the GTE Am class.

Following several well placed pit stops, the No. 33 Corvette regained control of the GTE Am 

and began to challenge for the lead. Corvette Racing had the window it needed to maintain

while other competitors in the category were involved in collisions or required repairs.

Regarding the damaged shock on the C8.R racer, Keating said, "all of our strategy went out the window." "

Everything was prepared and we knew precisely how we were going to execute it.