On July 22, 2023, at Lime Rock Park, the No. 3 Corvette Racing C8.R had a difficult race

but it finished fourth in the GTD Pro class, which was good enough to move

The Bow Tie-backed team up to second in the division point standings.

Only GT-class entrants competed in the two-hour and forty-minute race, with driving

responsibilities divided between Antonio Garcia and Jordan Taylor. Garcia grabbed charge of the No. 3

right away, maintaining his lead before his first pit stop and holding onto third place.

The No. 3 Corvette Racing team had planned to make three stops, but a caution

period that began shortly after the C8.R emerged from the pits ensured that plan would not last.

with just 72 minutes remaining in the race, the No. 3 C8.R persevered until the last pit stop,

 forcing them to now think about fuel conservation. Taylor took over the racing car from

but he lost over ten seconds when the No. 3 C8.R refused to shift into gear

as he attempted to exit the pit box. After sorting things out, Taylor quickly caught