The weight and size of contemporary pickup trucks have raised concerns among a lot of individuals. 

According to studies, contemporary pickup trucks are becoming more

more hazardous for pedestrians and other drivers due to their size and height.

These worries have now been realised when a Chevy Silverado collided with a new Corvette C8

Yes, a pickup truck can crush a smaller automobile, as the gruesome scene in Thornton, 

 It seems from the accident photographs that the Silverado managed to accomplish it with relative 

No one was harmed in this horrific collision because the C8's roof was able

support the truck's weight, which is a result of concentrated efforts to make the new model

The Chevy Silverado's wheels were on the Corvette's doors, squeezing them shut, trapping the C8 

the car even though he was unharmed. The first responders had to jack up the Silverado

and take off the wheels in order to get the C8 driver from the vehicle.

The guy was forced to wait the whole time while sitting in the damaged automobile.