Following many abortive efforts by General Motors to unveil Chevrolet's flagship

pickup truck in Argentina, the model's release was permanently delayed.

Nevertheless, the Chevy Silverado would eventually make its way to Argentina in 2024.

The new Vice President of GM Argentina was exclusively interviewed by the local

publication Ámbito Financiero, which recently revealed that the intention to launch

the Chevy Silverado 1500 in the Argentine market is still on the table. Indeed,

the journal said that the Silverado will eventually make its way to Argentina sometime 

on the same day that the story concerning GM's top executive in the nation was released.

Vice President of General Motors Argentina José Cammilleri stated, "By 2024, we at General Motors 

are committed to continuing to offer commercial innovations to the market and our priority 

will be the improvement in production processes, to continue exporting quality vehicles 

Of course, it bears mentioning that these estimates are based on ideal conditions