Intended to limit the speed of competitors during a cautionary period in a motorsport event

 pace cars are a great way for automakers to advertise their vehicles to the general public.

Unfortunately, the pink ‘Making Strides Against Breast Cancer’ Chevy Camaro ZL1 

which serves as the official pace car of the NASCAR Cup Series races at several racetracks 

suffered a breakdown at Martinsville.

In a video captured during the NASCAR Cup event, we find the pink Camaro 

 pace car pulled over onto the shoulder of the racetrack while the racers continue

Immediately following the incident, it was unclear as to exactly what went down,

as the vehicle appeared to be in limp mode.Following a brief period of confusion

which was quickly remedied by a safety truck temporarily taking over pace car 

the Camaro was pulled into pit lane to diagnose the issue. Upon quick inspection, 

 appeared as though rubber buildup on the tires may have caused the fender