Speedtech Performance, a St. George, Utah-based company,

provides the tools necessary to update vintage metal to contemporary standards. 

This includes the unique 1964 Chevelle restomod that you can see in the walkaround video 

The full film, which runs nine minutes, is narrated by Blake Foster,

President of Speedtech Performance, who discusses the custom Chevelle from head

The front end now has a cutout that directs cold air to the power steering cooler

starting with a tucked and narrower front bumper. Additionally, the automobile has

sheet metal splitter that helps to somewhat lower it visually. Between the OEM grille

 the bumper is a bespoke filler panel, and LED Dapper lighting elements light the path ahead.

Door handles that are flush with the body complement the lines, as do the glass and windshield.

 Additionally, a pair of motorized sideview mirrors taken from a 2014 Ford Mustang are included.

A set of two-tone Forgeline RB3C wheels, mixing white and grey, rolls into the corners;